Thursday, September 29, 2011

To those who look down on teaching profession


Aku tau aku belum dapat kerja tetap lagi sebagai seorang guru sekolah menengah,

So, apa aku kate ni adalah berdasarkan

3 bulan mengajar kelas terakhir tingkatan 4 di SMK Sri Rahmat, one of the most notorious school in JB untuk subjek bahasa Inggeris

2 bulan setengah (and still counting) mengajar 2 kelas terakhir (subjek BM and Muzik) darjah 4 di SK Dato' Onn Jaafar, sekolah biasa2 di sebuah pekan called simpang rengam, Johor.

Glad we cleared those things up, so, u r free to taunt my credibility in saying this

In light of recent problems of new Educational Graduates who had been jobless for almost 4 months now

and the rumour saying that there is probability that teachers will get an RM 200 raise for their salary

and also thousands and thousands of sayings about how the educational system is politicised (seriously, people are shocked by this?)

There are some uneducated people who think that they are educated enough to say things like;

a) Oit, kalo setakat stayback sampai kul 4 kat skolah tu ape la sgt woi? Orang lain kerja smpi kul 5, ni baru masuk kul 7.30 balik kul 4 pun da bising, grow up la woi...

b) menyampah aku dengan cikgu cikgu ni sume, tetiap tahun gaji diorg je dok naik, gaki kita ni pegawai kerjaan lain dok kat situ je, masih lagi RM 2900, nape gaji guru da samapi 3 ribu lebih dah starting nye?

c) aku nak nasihatkan anak2 aku nanti jadik cikgu la... gaji diorg sume lebih, buat kerja bukan seberapa pun, setakat masuk kelas, ajar, kuar kelas, apa la sgt kan?

This is just a few which i saw own some politician's blog. Those are comments. I know i should not be affected by it, because like i said, these people are uneducated.


I just cant,

It is just that, i believe that some of us are busting our backs to teach ur delinquents that you called children and u go and criticise us?

Everyday we have to

enter class

screamed on top of our lungs telling them to use punctuations and good grammar when they write in the hope that all of them will comprehend

get out of class

do the reports

make panel letters

update the files

think of what to teach next

make sure no students will
-beat their friends
-rape their friends
-molest their friends
-stab their friends with their pilot pen
-stab the small, mousy new teacher with their pilot pen
-paint a mural using a knife on our cars
-jump from that tall building over there
-break their tables and chairs
-bully their friends until they want to jump off from that tall building over there
-bully the small, mousy new teacher until she/he wants to jump off that tall building over there
-wear their sports attire when they are told to
-wear at least more than one article of clothing to school
-wear make up
-whore themselves around
-force their friends to touch their private parts
-force the small, mousy new teacher to touch their private parts
-touch their own private parts and get off in class while their teacher is happily explaining about what 'befuddling' means
-touch the teacher trainee in his/her private parts
-touch him/her at all
-fail to listen to instructions in class
-forget about what being taught in class
-not know how to read
-not know how to count
-not know to at least write their own name
-make their teachers want to borrow the shovel from the tukang kebun and hack themselves to death
- - in short - become and asshole when they leave school while scoring their SPM/PMR/UPSR with good results

(the list that i have listed is what i have encountered in both school - true stories)

what I am trying to say is that, being a teacher is not as easy as it seems, so you ingrates who are under the impression that we go to school to just sit around, shout to students and go back while receiving a big fat RM from our PM are happily living in lala land

We are busting our backs seriously

at least i do

(the statistics below are taken from my students in SK Dato Onn Jaafar, where i teach BM, Muzik and I am a class teacher - nicknamed a single father of 34. I teach two classes for three subjects - one more being pend moral)

6 of my students cant read well
they are 10

67 of them have some attrocious family background that makes them lose hope to live
they are 10

6 of them have lost at least one of their parents
they are 10

2 had lost both parents
they are 10

18 are living with at least one ailing parent
they are 10

NONE of them have parents who earns more than RM 2000
they are 10

1 had lost her parents to a most tragic even you can think off
she is 10

So people, on top of my work to tell them how to use tanda baca, how to spell, how to read, how to write, how to speak, how to use big words, how to listen

I have to be some kind of a life coach to this kids

on top of all the admin work that we do

come on, give us more credit will you

sorry if i offend any working teachers...


  1. Stay strong! You are a passionate teacher! Keep the fire burning!:)

  2. bagus mr. nice word 'ingrate' there... if it's me i'll write f$%^ spawn... but that will torch parents out there. well, if it were my writing. again, nice writing. :D

  3. ngam la u write this. thank you for speaking out our mind.

  4. true!! keep up the work!! no one understands unless they are teachers :)