Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am so glad

Sometimes, In my mundane days of a Jobless life. I would sit in front of my house, looking at the mundane street, thinking of the past and the future...

Thinking of the student life that has left me for over two months already.

Somehow I miss it, to the point that it would wrench my heart....

Like the time I was living in a house for one year in Serdang with the 4 most awesome housemates I could ever have.

The classes in UPM, the resourceful resource center in the faculty

The Navy training

The most invigorating lecturers ( a few lah)

The volleyball game every evening in JB

The easy access to bookstores, 2nd hand or new or online

The big fat allowance every semester

The easy access to my favourite cinema: GSC

Alamanda, Putrajaya (because there are not many people, i hate crowded place)

My room, My bed, my table

the routine

Well, to name a few...

and then i looked at the pictures, and somehow, despite the gut wrenching missing-activity

I felt a new emotion looming in my heart...

and that is Gladness!

I'm glad that those life had left me

I figured that I can make my future more interesting (probably the dread of having to work as a teacher wont help much - but, still)

I figured that I could leave past problems in a baggage labeled: Stupid College Adventures and Conflicts

I'm glad that I've left parts of me behind, parts when I was still stupid and stupid (yes i said stupid twice)

The time when I had long, curly hair, and faded jeans, and some annoying colleagues

I am glad that it is all over. It's over... woohoo...

I don't miss life in college

I actually miss the friends and the everyday routine -

which could be easily remedied by developing communication and transportation technologies and also a well planned discipline...

mostly, I am glad that it was over... I would miss it sometimes, but I am so glad!