Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Want...

Sometimes we have wants and it screamed a lot louder than our needs. For Example, there was one time when I depleted a whole lot of my deodorant, but i refuse to buy a new one since I think i want to use the same amount of money for a KFC meal - hence a smelly customer in a KFC outlet.

So in this moment of free time from scolding my students to have better writing.

I want to list down all my wants...

1. I want to get posted... I mean, RIGHT NOW!
---- it seems as though that my loving government kinda forgotten about my existence... it is kind of they had shoved our documents aside and tend to bigger needs like - the pilihanraya

2. I want lots and lots of money
---- not like i work for it kinda thing... i want a huge sum of money - like 10 million ringgit - to just fall on my lap, so i can make all the following wants real...

3. Buy a huge house, the kinda house that could make Elizabeth II think that BUckingham is a shack.
---- Just so that i can put my whole family members in it so that everyone will have their own personal space and can cry without anybody else hearing them.

4. Live in Putrajaya
---- I want to live and work here, is that possible? I love this place, it is well-planed. And Alamanda is so deprived of people... spacious... and it has GSC...

5. To own a huge library
---- in my huge house, they will be a huge room just devoted to books, so that i can run into it escaping from all life's commitments for one minute

6. To stop certain people from swimming in a pool of debts...
---- easy right? If i have 10 million ringgit, i can stop these people from creating a whole new set of debt, right?

7. To just sit quietly in one space, with my laptop, without the sound of any whinings or fake ass crying, and write a book.
--- there is a probability if this happens... everything else in the list above could be true... but i am not any good, and that is why there is wants #8;

8. To have a crazy writing talent that could sink Harry Potter like titanic
---- if i can only snap my fingers and make this true... if only.,, but nothing can happen unless you work for it

9. TO go around the world without thinking of the expenditure...
---- right, even the money spinning datuks and datins think about the expenditures right... what more a part time pekerja macam aku ni...

Well, it is like desire, like sometime you close your eyes and imagine things are truer than what they are in your head. How I wish... some people may think that it is too materialistic,... but this is just a moment of weakness... like you cannot think of anything else but to just snap your fingers...

I know it cant happen... some of the want is near to an impossibility... but hopefully it can be achieved...


  1. Putrajaya -seriously? It's so dead. And crawling with government servants :P. yeah, i'd take the 10 mil too. solves all the problems in the (my) world.

  2. it is just quiet and peaceful like a kampung, but there is still bookstores and cinemas and stuff, and KL is nearby... tak best ke tu?

  3. 1,5,7 aku leh jamin ko dapat... yang lain aku xpasti sangat... aku ada cara ko nak duit berjuta, jual dadah... :P