Friday, February 1, 2013

Form 5 needs childish lesson sometimes

So, my form 5 classes had been really difficult since the beginning of the year,

I dont know if it is the new found hormones or sudden realization of the SPM year, but they had been really cranky, disinterested, and not at all like any of the students I knew back when they were still in form 4.

So every time I tried to teach something I was always greeted with empty responses which often made me feel exasperated and disinterested to teach them...

I even applied for MC to avoid going into their class...

until finally I got an idea, since using form 5 appropriate activities for them had been a complete and utter mess, why don't I use the lesson for my form 2 classes on them?

And anyway, my form 5 students are in a dire need of lessons of English Proverbs since one girl had proudly announced that 'Killing Two Birds with one Stones' means 'Breaking a chicken's neck at the back of a KFC Franchise to cook for the customers' - True Story

So, I asked them to

1. Choose a proverb from my hand
2. Get a piece of colorful paper
3. Draw what they think is the meaning of the proverb
4. Present them in front of the class
5. Do a simple exercise on proverbs
6. Use the proverbs they learnt in the essay they are writing about themselves

believe it or not,

it worked!

Najwa and Syifaa deciphering the proverbs on a pink paper

Najwa presenting

Syam's presentation with full, head on sarcasm

The results

Hanafi and Faizwan's work

Amanina and Salbila's work

Idlan and Zainul's work

Muhammad and Hana's work

One thing I got to know today is that, even though these are form 5 Science School students, they are actually no different with 17 year olds from any other schools, they need silly, kiddish activity sometimes...

at least they are using the proverbs in their essays now,

and this is a pair work, and what i love about it is that, the partner who has less proficiency in English presented - which was good, everybody was involved, and that was my objective in the first place...

I know it is not a ground breaking, innovative lesson plan... but... yay me! and yay them!


  1. not bad! *obama face*. Should stick their work all over class. Or better, school.