Friday, February 8, 2013

Moving on with my Resolution

So in light with my resolution for 2013, which I still followed now in February, I finished book #2 in my booklist. And the book is;

Life of Pi, Yann Martell

So since the book won the Man Booker Prize, and it was made into a movie, i decided to put it into my reading list and actually read it. The movie was awesome, that CGId Tiger was a very good actor.

The first few chapters of the book was almost as though I was reading a non-fiction, too documentary-ish for me, and i started slow... now once when the ship had sunk, that is when the story started to get interesting.

After reading almost more than half of the book about religion this, religion that, Jesus here, Brahma there and zoology here, pondicherry there, chinese sailor here bla bla bla... then came the part where the ship sunk. And Martell's words came to life... It was adventure in every page... 

almost every sentences had funny wit in it that I was left smiling to myself, one unforgettable one was when Pi started killing animals for food. He caught a flying fish, and crushed its skull, and I can almost hear the bone cracking, that was how real his writing was.

I am not one to trust Man Booker Prize winners, since I spent month trying to read Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall to no avail... but this one is fun, a complete literature, could be a good book to do a research on comparative religion, atheism and such... for literature of course... so now I'm on to my third book;

Philippa Gregory's The Red Queen

Since I have this obsession on English History, so this life story of Margeret Beaufort could be good for me... however, only after 6 pages i have come to hate the annoying 9 year old Beaufort, she must be more annoying when she grows up...

Oh bother... hope that this will turn out well...

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  1. hey, list out good reads will ya? plus it will generate more traffic. you're welcome. :D