Thursday, January 17, 2013

Battling Self Doubts - Lesson on Self Bullying

Okay, so I had a wonderful lesson today.

I started with the song 'Perfect' by Pink (of course, the clean version), and asked the students to relate to the song. After strenuous task of trying to make the students responsive - because they behaved like zombies, I managed to get some response from the students about the topic.

The topic was self doubt, and how that ugly voice inside your head managed to stop you from doing more for yourself, and how you should live for yourself and not for the pleasure of critics around you...

Pretty deep huh? For a bunch of unresponsive form 2 students, I think the lesson went quite well. I listed a few words from the songs itself that shows self-doubt and judgements of others like

1. mistreated
2. misplaced
3. Misunderstood
4. Mean
5. Critics

and I asked the students what do they want to strive for,

and they answered

'To be perfect for themselves...'

and they didnt simply answer that, I had to struggle to rake it out from them, because they are such zombies.

finally I asked them to arrange the words on the whiteboard like so;

So, as a symbol, they would stand in front of the words that downgrades them to show that they can battle all of those self doubts and ugly voices in their heads so that they can be perfect for themselves, and not the critics out there...

and they were very excited... et voila!

Izzah, Ira and Hanisah. Battled Self Doubts

Fa'id, Amrul and Shahrul. Battled Self Doubts

Anis and Nisrina. Battled Self Doubts

Irfan, Amin and Hazim. Battled Self Doubts

Hafiz, Faiz and Aiman. Battled Self Doubts

Fairul and Hilmi. Battled Self Doubts

Azzam. Battled Self Doubts

Adib. Battled Self Doubts

Izani, Suahadah and Amira. Battled Self Doubts

Ira. Battled Self Doubts

Azizi. Battled Self Doubts

Kamarul. Battled Self Doubts

Khairul. Battled Self Doubts

Aina and Alyaa. Battled Self Doubts

Khadijah, Arina and Nasuha. Battled Self Doubts

Irdina. Battled Self Doubts

Those who were brave enough to take the pictures alone would receive applause. All in all, it was a good lesson, the students got what it meant - i think... whatever it is, they need to write a reflection about the activity. So we'll see if it is effective or just a waste of time...

It was fun.


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