Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday in School: Where is my Life?

I went into this year will a lot of positivity.

Well, recently I was active on twitter, so I have been updating every single excursion I made in the 2012 yea end hols. During the hols, like every end of the year, i reflected on every single thing that i do that year and think of what I want to do differently.

There were several hundreds things ~

Oh well, I remember three things about last year;

  • My Colleagues are all hard ass judgmentals - So, in 2013, I'm going to NOT give them reasons to complain about me
  • I have been behind on work, Lesson Plans, organising files etc - So, I created a note of to do list, when to do it, stacks of files for every posts that I hold, very organized, Monica Geller or Jane Kerkovitch will be jealous of me..
  • I was too engrossed with work that I didn't have time for my personal life - I am going to make time for all the books, movies, TV series, family members, friends that I am going to read,watch, hang out with
And then last week i got back to school. I have been organised, not procrastinating, keeping tabs of every single things, wrote everything diligently in my planner. Went in and out of class with bombastic lesson plans.

and then came yesterday. Crazy day. I'm going to explain it chronologically

  • Prologue - My sister and I decided to catch a movie Tuesday night, I know I had a lot of things to finish - ULBS Files from last year needed to be updated. My lesson for the last 4 periods on Wednesday hasn't been properly planned, the idea was there, except i haven't created the aids yet. A set of essays hasn't been marked. Working paper for 2013 Theater Competition hasn't been done yet. - However, since I have been staying in the office on Sunday and Monday nights, I was determined not to be there on Tuesday night too, so I delayed all the work to Wednesday Morning, from period 1 to 6. I only have 4 last periods on wednesday. And then WEDNESDAY CAME...
  • 6.50 - I was in the office, starting to update my ULBS files, a student came to see me because she and her partner in a school project overseen by me got into a huge fight. Now the partner threatened to not do the project. So i had to give both of them advice or the project will go down the drain
  • 7.30 - Sent the students back to their class, continue writing my ULBS files. Got a call from my Panel Head, I have to go to the hall to invigilate the form 1 diagnostic test for the first 2 periods.
  • 8.30 - asked the school's counsellor to replace me and went to the office to start creating the aids for my last 4 periods classes.
  • 8.35 - the Ketua Bidang came and gave me a relief class for period 3 and 4 while at the same time telling me that I am permanently replacing the teacher for that class, thus making my teaching periods to 30 periods per week.
  • 8.40 - started to create teaching aids and lesson plans for relief class period 3 and 4
  • 8.50 - went into relief class
  • 10.10 - rushed to the office, continue to create aids for my last four periods classes
  • 10.30 - A parent called asking me to send her son back home because his father is now in the hospital for a heart attack. Went to see the Principal asking him whether the boy can be sent home. Found the boy and told him the bad news, sat with him while he cried, sent him back to the hostel to take his things, went back to the office and looked for the school driver, calls his mother asked her which hospital, told the driver, waited with the boy until the driver came and saw him off
  • 12.00 - I was already ten minutes late for the first of my class, hastily finishing up my aid. went to the class
  • 12.10 - started the class, students were rude, kept on playing a monkey sound from a toy they had while I was teaching. Confiscated the toy, decided to stay quiet and boycotted my lesson for the rest of the class. Asked about homework which they should have handed in the day before, simply said that they've forgotten. Was dejected when i went out from the class.
  • 1.05 - Sadly left the class, went back to the office, sending a boy to my other class, my last two periods, telling them that i would be late and asking them to discuss about topics for oral test which will be done on friday.
  • 1.10 - arrived to the office, started creating the aids for the class
  • 1.20 - was already late for the class, rushed to the class and asked them what they've discuss. They said no one came to send the message. Making a mental note to kill the messenger, i started my class, picking up where i left off yesterday by asking them to present their homework. There were 29 in that class, the homework was only to create 3 easy sentences. This was a science school, they were form 5 - only 9 finished their homework.
  • 1.30 - I felt the anger, but decided to quenched it by reminding myself that I have a new year resolution to be positive like a saint, so I asked them to finish the homework during preptime that afternoon and use the rest of the time in the class to finish discussing about the oral test, which is the forum.
  • 1.35 - they asked me 'What Forum?' with confused faces. I swallowed my anger by smilingly reminding them that I had already given them the task a week before. A few remembers and gladly reminded their friends.
  • 2.00 - a girl quipped and asked 'Teacher, what is a forum?'. I asked the whole class to raise their hands if they don't know what is a forum. Everyone of them raised their hands.
  • 2.05 - Went to the board, explain every little bit of what forum is all about.
  • 2.10 - went around the class, assisting those ungrateful ingrates in their tasks. 
  • 2.25 - Was sitting on a chair with a student assisting them on the freakin' ad hoc task. 50% of the students stood up, with their bags talking about food in the Dewan Makan.
And that is where I yelled, but only a few words;

okay, maybe I shouldn't said the word 'Gua' and 'Beb' and 'Kot' - I know it was wrong.

  • 2.30 - asked the students to leave
  • 2.35 - arrived at the office, went for my prayers, managed to gulp half a bottle of water.
  • 3.00 - warden meeting begins
  • 3.15 - the principal came, ONLY NOW the meeting began. And it went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
  • 6.20 - the meeting was over.
  • 6.30 - applied for a Cuti Rehat Khas
  • 6.45 - Cuti approved. Went back home, finished my prayers. 
  • 7.50 - famished, ate 2 burgers and a nasi goreng
  • 8.30 - fell asleep.
I had a confusing day. I didnt procrastinate but I am still behind work... I dont understand how my day became that way. On tuesday had to attend another meeting which finished at 6. Today there was suppose to be another meeting, that's why I took my leave.

I just dont understand my job. A friend on twitter told me that Do Not Complain since i was Jobless for a year in 2011 and I should be thankful...

I am thankful. But what should I do if everyday of my days are like this?

Where is my life?


  1. damn man, i would've lost it half way through. now is your second year, it will get better.

  2. ... Miao.
    I wish canning wasnt disallowed.
    You'd have a fun time kenakan those yg xbuat homework.

    Andddddddddd....... Hardships and extreme luxury are both challenges in this life ._.
    And Allah promised us that He would not put onto us tests that we cant bear.
    You'll get thru it, Azhar! Persevere!

  3. @Amanda, God, i had that resolution to be positive, that's why i didnt want to be angry... thank you for saying that it'll get better... it calms me a little...

    @Ash thanks ain, really i was bersabar... im alrite now... had a whole day of cuti... haha