Thursday, March 17, 2011

Committing suicide

I have been watching a lot of Hindi films growing up, 70% of the reason being that my dad hails from the land where there they say Romance is thriving... (India, really?)

Well, the point is, Hindi films had taught me a lot, for example, never go against your parents in choosing a bride, you will have to burst in songs and you will have to roll down the hill with you forbidden lover. I for one is tone-deaf, so I have to follow this lesson so i wont start to croak out a song and create a wave of hate mail drowning my house...


One of the lesson that I got from watching Hindi films is (apart from how to dance and sing and roll down a hill) is about suicide.

you see, Bollywood in the 80s and 90s are famous with its suicide scene, example, a girl who is denied her lover by the parents will burst into a heartfelt song and used her father hard-earned petrol oil and her brother's matches (which he kept secret from the father because of a whole different subplot) and dramatically burst into flames and died, much to the father's regret.

The lesson of the story that I got from my parental guidance support is that;

Never ever commit suicide, because life is a gift and you would be buying a ticket straight to hell if you do it... also, committing suicide would be a very,very painful way to go.

Well, in Islam, committing suicide is haram. Since life is given by Allah s.w.t, so you must find a way to make your life worthy and productive. All your problems which would bring you to the edge of the knife would be a test from Him, so you should find a way to survive with your faith intact.

Well, of course I am against committing suicide and the last time i checked, the whole world is against it too... until Euthanasia is made legalized in America (America has more possibilities than India)

I read that most people who turned into Euthanasia had three main relevance ;
1. 'I am too old and sick, I dont want to trouble others'
--- and the whole world is nodding in understanding while watching whoever that had made this complaint pay thousands to a hospital to die.
2. 'I am old now, i cannot bear watching my wife die before me, so we decided to die together'
---and the whole world 'awwwwed' in understanding that they are such romantic couple
3. 'So what? I dont fear death, life is too complicated, with politicians and corruptions, i wanna see God'
----??? speechless

Well, to me, whatever you rational is, it is still suicide, it is still Haram, it still seems to me that you have given up.

God has plans for all of us, even when you are sick and needy or just plain stupid, stop being selfish and imagine how much blessings the people who are taking care of you would gain...

well, euthanasia for me is just one more way to commit suicide that Bollywood havent use.

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