Monday, May 23, 2011

after 6 years: the end!

After thousands of complaints, liters of tears, cackles of laughter, hours of emo-ing and so on and so on and so on.

The six years have ended.

It ended.

And I cannot believe it.

(but actually I can)

In this 6 years, I grew up, and most of my friends did too, we came with our high school mentality and we leave with at least non-high school mentality. Even though we are not yet mature enough but
we still we did grew up.

This growing up thing will be the reason why I am going to miss studying bot in Maktab and UPM so much. Because this phase of my life is very meaningful. I will miss the lecturers, the study, my friends, the cohort 4 and the ketua warden (seriously?) and everythinglah!

I have done a lot of things in these six years, and I am proud of almost all my decisions that I have ever made. Let see some of the things I will miss the most..

Awesome friends
(This picture was taken a gazilion years ago, note the immaturity)

Wasting our time doing Maktab activities
(Most of the cohort 4 will remember this Danga Bay trip 6 years ago as our very first picture moment together. We were at Danga Bay hailing flags for Merdeka celebration, oh we were so young)

acting in Pygmalion
(Cynthia: Aaaaaoooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Dorm mates
(Since the lovely Maktab decided that i can be a better teacher by living in a dorm, i decided to make that whole sem fun, but we did only one outing with all members present. How can i forget listening to 5 different songs at once, zero privacy, and saifullah screaming at the top of his lungs... oh the times)

Debating for K12, UPM
(we won 9 times in a row, this could be the best team that i have aver had in my entire life. And of course, i was the best speaker, twice...just had to say it.)

London Trip
(The ultimate event!I was bored with the Cohort's plan to go to the UK that i decided to plan one of my own and bring my mom and sister whose dream was to be in the country where History is alive and literature are as abundant as coakroches in the Larkin gutter.)

(One of the best decision in my life was to join this thing, and to quit it too... bittersweet memories, definetely enjoyed the training)

(My first script got in stage and it was good, enough for me, however i did learn things about human behaviour on this course, which would take another whole post to explain)

The lelaki B Bola Baling team
(Kalah bermaruah beb...)

The ability to ponteng kelas and go to places like aquaria to enjoy life
(Certainly you cannot pull stuff like this when u are in the working world. So i would definitely miss it. This was when Samantha, Cynthia and I decided to ditch Puan Juridah's class and went gawking at giant Arapaima in giant aquarium)

Hardcore Literature Class
(Now I am going to be stcuk teaching who is Miss Broome in the infamous qwertyuiop. but i really miss learning harcore literature with a hardcore lecturer such as Dr. Edwin.)

Wearing normal people clothes
(Of course this doesnt apply in Maktab, but still, i am going to be stuck with the noose-like neck tie and i hate it. I miss keeping my hair long and messy and wearing my stripy t-shirt and jeans)

Going out to cool places like the theater
(They dont have things like this in JB or anywhere i'm posted later)

There are actually loads more that i would miss, come on, it is 6 years of my life... but the focus now is THE END, so lets be excited for the next phase of life....


  1. i'll miss u loads too! u're my best buddy in this 6 years!

  2. dem.... tear rolling down... *kidding.. hahaha*

  3. Jasmine... I will miss u too... like really... make sure ok for 2013.. we are soooo ON!

    Jess... bia betol.... hahahah

  4. 6 years, seems like yesterday when I met you at the hall during registration. Glad to meet you here :)

  5. no matter how much we complained, it had still been a great journey. ALL THE BEST Azhar. :)

  6. Congratulations Azhar! You have finally graduated! hahahaha