Friday, March 11, 2011

A Landslide Brought Me Back

So yeah, I think the entire universe heard me when I complained about my students and my teaching practical...

It is like a virus, controlling my brain telling me it make a lot of sense for me to complain. I rationalize myself that if i dont complain, i would become crazy.

But i didnt realise how stupid and immature it is that i complained about a band of 16 years old tearing my brain out.

It is my job, i signed up into this, i knew what i was going to deal with.

but i still complain...

Like a a four year old spoilt brat who was denied the world's most colorful sweet.

So yesterday, i complained about a boy in my class whose sport is to make fun of me. I complained as loudly as i could. Towards 7.00 pm i realised how brazenly stupid i was while i was complaining.

So i tried to avoid myself wallowing in the sudden embarrassment by looking through Youtube looking for videos of losers trying to catch attention by dressing up like clowns and miming to Justin Bieber's I need somebody to love.

But what i found slapped me so hard that i was depressed the whole night.

The tsunami in Japan.

Here I was, thinking that i was having a bad day, and happily cursing a 16 year old while thousands in Japan were going through a nightmare came to life.

The tsunami literally wiped out the civilisation. Houses.People.Cars.Buses. All gone in matters of minutes.

And i was complaining that i had one idiotic kid in my class...

The survivors were dealing with their lives literally turning upside down. Lost loved ones, and any kind of momentos of their lost loved ones were swept away too...

No photo albums, no homes, they cant tell their friends that 'this is the place where i used to do something absolutely wicked/happy'

To them it will remind them of the time where they felt a humongous loss and defeat and sadness.

And i was complaining about my life while i was eating twisties and watching Glee.

I feel so stupid and childish...

My heart goes out for the victims.

My prayers are for you.

and to everyone else who is going through the same problem;

The survivors in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The survivors of the Brazil's mudslide

The survivors Haiti and the China earthquake

The children in Palestine


Where is Ultraman when u need him?


  1. LOL to Ultraman. That makes the two of us -japan brought us back to earth.

  2. True. It's just like a wake up call right? We're only humans..we tend to forget at times...well most of the time...
    Prayers to all God's creations.

    p/s- My guess is tho u've tried very hard not to..u cant help yourself...seriously...Ultraman??

  3. @amanda: Yeap... it is a horribly sinking feeling, still feel embarrassed...

    @anonymous: Yeap, a wake up call... and seriously Ultraman... come on... he was the first superhero i have ever known...
    may i ask, who are u?