Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revelations in many roles

I shouted as though my lungs were hurting when it strikes me that Theater class has ended. I was very relieved, the whole time when i was still in the period of hating the class, i forced to look for the silver linings - there must be one, at least one...

When it ended, i actually took a moment - yes, Azhar takes moments - and look at my group members, we did good, we were awesome. We had fun at the end game. I realised a lot of things, learning experience is what i describe theater class now, before it ended i described it as @&%$#@ experience. Learning experience, not just about theater, but about communities and people and myself. I mean, one thing about theater is that - i was forced to hld several roles at a time, and with each roles i learn one thing, and here - i want to break the roles one by one;

Azhar Khan as a Friend

Oh yeah, we fought in our own group, i know now that i dont know how to socialise, i have the social skills of an iguana. I messed up a lot in the group, and sometimes the people that were affacted by the mess i made can either be patient or act out. They say i have problems explaining myself (thus similarities between me and an iguana, have you ever seen an iguana socialise?). So, this is what ihave to learn --> Socialising 101: Its effects and when to limit oneself

Azhar Khan as a Manager

Oh dear, I am a mess. I am the royal incarnation of everyone who has ever been called a klutz. I have this problem that i always pushed my worries into the subconscious and i wont think about it again. And that is what i did with my group. I have problems also to manage people, i mean, i have to hold on to the fact that i cant make everyone happy right? Alas, i tried and failed miserably, either i needed to be mean and be hated by my group members and make the theater a succes, or just shut up and drink in every crap my group members threw my way and make the theater a flop. I dare say i did a little bit of both, and the theater turn out to be a succes... that is what i called nasib baik. But, we paid our dues, we wroked hard for that succes man, you have noooo idea....

Azhar Khan as a Director

I am not as creative as i think i am! Yeah sure i told my actors on where to exit and where to enter, but it will result in confusion still, even i had taken sometime off to sit and think of my often stupid decisions. Off telling how my actors should act? Here comes another problem... should i pushed them? or should i not? Telling the crew of what to do is also depressing. Off all the theaters, i think my group have the simplest lighting directions and music (i have only four music, how little is that?) but still it results in chaos while we are rehearsing - thank god everything went perfect for the final performance. I am so scared of telling people what to do, need to be more brave...

Azhar Khan as an Actor

Are you kidding me? Sure i got the award for best actor when i was 11, but come on! i had only 2 lines for a five minutes play, and other boys were all extras, there was no other actors, of course i got that award. Now, i was confused with my own character which i have created myself, what should i be, how should i speak? Are you kidding me? I cant act, the iguana can act better than me. The important thing is that i tried, and some people (who i think are really nice) actually said they liked me (even when i only have like 5 lines).

Azhar Khan as a Scriptwriter

This i enjoyed the most. I love doing this, and when people actually said they liked it, i am so relieved, the feelings is as though an iguana can finally fly or smile. When the lecturer asked me to cut a lot of scenes i was sad as hell, you see, i have this weird relationship with things that i write, it is just that, well, ok i Love them, it is like my baby, so who likes to hear that their babies needs tweaking. Okay, okay, i know, i am weird.

So, those was the many roles that i had when i was doing the course. Damn, i learnt a lot, and hate to admit!

Habuk:  Laa... tu la pasal, sape suruh ko gile kuasa

Azhar: Suka hati aku la.... ko sibuk apasal?

Habuk: Nengok macam aku, satu je role aku; lepak kat blog ko yang busuk

Azhar: Kuang ajo! huiiiisssshhhhhh (tiup)

Habuk: I'll be back!


  1. so who likes to hear that their babies needs tweaking.

    LOL! I so feel you dude. :p Congrats with the outcome by the way.