Monday, July 20, 2009

Off Being Gay...

There was one time when I finished my form 5, I went to work as a cashier. So usually cashiers are females, I was the only male cashier there – or at least I thought I was. When I was still in my training, I asked my trainer about my all-female colleagues, there was this one ‘Akak’ who did caught my attention, she was tall and thin and beautiful – and she turns out to be a guy! 

I was so shocked, being a 17 year old at that time, my horny-ness always urged me to fantasize about girls, and that ‘akak’, - before I knew he was a guy – have visited my dreams for quite sometime. Only after I knew, the dreams turns out to be a nightmare – something about a penis sprouting out from someone’s vagina – told you, a nightmare right? How much pressure can you put on a 17 year old?

So anyway, when I started going to college four years ago, my eyes was more exposed to these ‘girls who turns out to be a guy’ thing. I was educated by some of them that there are guys who looks like guys but looking for guys. Honestly, I don’t really understand. Most of us don’t understand how guys can look for penis rather than boobs… most of us turns a blind eye if we know that our friends enjoys sexual pleasure from a same sex partner.  

Some of these ‘guys who love guys’ people are discriminated, at some time they were abused, another time they were mocked at, some certain time they were raped (?) by some of the straight guys. Sometimes, they were approached by a religious group asking them to stop being gay – this brings me to the next question – Is being a homosexual a choice?

                       Which one would you choose? Megan or Brad?  
If it was a choice, why do these people choose to be one? Are they mad? I honestly don’t understand how can a guy reject boobs – (Imagining Megan Fox running in slow-motion, in a tight see-through white shirt, without any bra on – oh my God!) The idea of a naked Megan Fox can make any guy crosses their leg, so how can some guys turn down the idea of a naked Megan Fox and opt for a naked Brad Pitt instead? So, is it really a choice? If I was given a choice – Megan Fox, HERE I COME!!! 

Some of the Homosexual guys that I know said that, they were that way since the day they were born. Huh, is it really inborn, did God really make them that way? Some religious group told me that that this is not the case. Making love to a same sex partner is a sin, so is it true that the feelings are inborn? 

There is this Movie – Sutun, which had made me, opened my eyes about the homosexuals. (You should really watch the movie):

 It is said in this movie, the boy, who is homosexual – after being rejected by the Man who is also his tutor. Went back crying and he did the Solat Sunat Taubat.  Then he sat, thinking how can he overcome the feelings, he decided to accept the Feelings but never to indulge in it again, he said it is Jihad, ‘Jihad Melawan Nafsu’ means War to go against his desires. Since most religion condemns the same sex relationship.

This is when I got thinking. We always have problems right? Out of Money, family members or best friends dying, broken up with boyfriend/girlfriend – but it is a common understanding that all problems are actually tests from God to see how much faith do we have in Him. So, I think, God loves people with these ‘same sex’ desires more, he gave the feelings to them to test them 24/7 how much faith do these people have in Him, how long can they stand before they commit a sin, and do they repent if they do. Every time when we have problems, we have the tendencies to resort to do something stupid – which is always sinful, so for these ‘Homo’ guys, will they resort to do something sinful?

My conclusion is, if there is any ‘Homo’ guys out there, you are actually blessed, you have problems in which when you have patience against – you are given rewards more than you think. After all, we are not living for this world, we are living for the next.

For the people who think that they are normal, don’t abuse/discriminate/rape these people. Help them to stay strong against the feelings, because indulging in it is wrong, turn a blind eye as a friend committing a sin is also sinful. Let’s help these heroes, Mana tau dapat sikit-sikit tempias pahala diorg?

“Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya. Dia mendapat pahala kebaikan yang diusahakannya, dan dia juga menanggung dosa kejahatan yang diusahakannya.”
                                                                                                                        (Surah Al-Baqarah: 286)



  1. There is no such thing as inborn.
    It is true you may have the feelings towards your same sex.
    But as you said, that is only a slight test God has given you.
    It is about choice, whether you choose to be homosexual or not to.
    The more tests you get from HIM, the more Love you actually receive from HIM

  2. hmm... so bukan inborn? ok ok...

    tapi pelik ea... bile diorg buat choice tu kan? mase diorg start bernafsu ke... atau bile diorg da besar,. aku takut nak tanye... takut kene balun ngan diorg,... huhu

  3. It is so hard to comprehend these people,
    they ak rasa depa dah reach to the point whre they don't care about sins and stuffs,
    maybe they dont even care about kewujudan Tuhan,
    so they feel as if "yeah,i can do anything i want" maybe

  4. interesting! see, i promised u i will read ur blog once i came in pusat sumber! haha, but replied u after i replied darling's mail. hehe..

    hm..homo. i don discriminated them. i don encourage them (guys) to continue loving guys because i agree it's sinful. but then again, i don discourage them either, cuz they seem so happy in their current status. am i wrong here? for not waking them up from their mistakes?

    but then again, who are we to judge them right o wrong? like u said, God has plans for each and everyone of us. i believe the TESTs He assigned to each and everyone of us. believe it or not, between Brad n Megan, i would run towards Megan. haha.. simply because i....*ahem - secret*

  5. Azhar.. For your information.. Meagan Fox is a guy? "He" is a transexual..
    Sorry.. There goes your leg-crossing dreams again.. =X

  6. interesting..i do agree wit hojiayiing..i never dscriminate them n i dont encourage them.. bcoz its their life..but somehow..kite kne tao ble mase yg sesuai 4 us to help these pipel..especially bile org tu adalah org yg rapat ngn kite..sian......

  7. It is against the norms, religions, cultures,society and many more.

  8. Before i forget, Megan Fox is not a transexual. If you claim she is, prove it

  9. @Yiing: Mmg tak patut discriminate, tapi tak perlu encourage, we know it is sinful, it is sinful for us to not do anything... agree? I know they are happy, but u know, all sinful things can make us happy also, and make us misereable in the long run...

    @Jasmine: Comeon... Megan is a girl, a real girl like u, i think dia kene fitnah because some girls are to jealous of her... hehe

    @Juni: Aik, Juni? ko ade sini? Mmg tak patut sokong cara hidup diorg... tapi aku rase kite kene tolong je supaya diorg tak buat dosa, sebab kita tau bende tu berdosa...

    @Amir: Kita tak patut benci diorg ni, tapi kite kene tolong and discourage ape je yg diorg nak lakukan.... but i agree with u that it is against our religion...