Tuesday, April 21, 2009


© Picture by AzharKhan

A dire need to prove himself,

he wants to dodge the double eyes,

a pair from a friend, a pair to look down for,

He is treading on the floor of lies he built so scrupulously,

leaning on the walls of pretence he defended so fiercely...

yet he is yielding to every thing that he sees...

he is a lie...

A desperate desire to prove himself,

a desire which made him succumbed to hatred,

a desire which has destroyed himself...

Ah... now he is on his knees...

crawling, and crawling and crawling and crawling...

yet he is getting nowhere...

he is full of disappointments...

now and forever....

© Picture by AzharKhan

When the sun goes,
I delved into sadness most.

The day has ended, yet...
I haven't been a person yet.

I dove into the big abyss,
of everything that had gone amiss.

I realised,
That I've ceased to remember,
I need to surrender.


  1. finally i dropped by! dearKhan, u wrote beautiful poems. thou bit saddening tone, but u expressed urself so well. continue writing~!

  2. someone actually droped by and dropped few comments on your photos,good azhar

  3. hahahahahaahahahah,no offence bro,gud luck

  4. Found and follow and watching and reading and finally love it!. Keep it up azhar. :D