Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Female Classic Characters represented on screen by an actress.

You know when you read books, your mind start to imagine how the settings look like, how the characters look like, and how everything happens.

And then, some hollywood director starts making an adaptation of the book that you read and you go to the cinema and start to compare the things that you have imagined and the things that the directors had put on the screen.

You may get disappointed, because the thing on the screen did not match your expectation, or you may be happy because the director had captured everything in the book and presented it so well.

You know how classic books tend to describe the events/characters in such details that you can imagine the shape of the nose of a character so well? Well, i cant help but to compare, and i cant help but to fall in love with some of the actresses who had portrayed the characters so well.

Well, mostly, i fell in love with the characters after i saw that the hot actress playing her, so mostly, at the end of the day, it probably is just physical.

Well, anyway, i have picked my favourite representations of female classic characters on screen; below are the top 5;

Please note that I am NOT an expert on either literature or castings for movies. Below are only my opinions as a reader and an avid movie go-er.

5. Romola Garai in the 2009 BBC series 'Emma'

Adapted from the character Emma Woodhouse from Jane Auten's novel 'Emma'

Apart from her unusual name, and the fact that she is hot (the pic above does not do her justice), she is a great actress and she had played Emma Woodhouse exactly the way i had imagined Emma Woodhouse to be. I spent nearly four weeks downloading this 4 episodes series by BBC and i fell in love with Garai all over again. She had acted in a number of Classic adaptations and the one that i have watched before Emma was her role as Amilia Sedley in 2004 Vanity Fair. That was good too, only that her role in Emma was better.

4. Gillian Anderson in the 2005 BBC series 'Bleak House'

Adapted from the character Lady Dedlock from Charles Dicken's novel 'Bleak House'

Lady Dedlock was a tortured aristocrat and she chose to kept her misery in silence while adopting a haughty characteristics. (You can read yourself how Lady Dedlock is in Bleak House)
Gillian Anderson did not only played Lady Dedlock well, she did it even better, from the face expression to her aloof speeches, she would have made Charles Dickens proud. I know I am no expert, but she should have got some awards for this performance.

3. Liv Tyler in the 2001 movie 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'

Adapted from the character Arwen Undomiel from J.R.R Tolkien's novel 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'
Liv Tyler is SUPER hot. I know that her character was aggrandized in the movie since she did not appaeared to be a heroic elf who saved Frodo from the creepy-9-dead-obsessed-over-a-freakin'-ring-kings in the book. But that scene, where she saved Frodo was the scene where i fell in love with her. The part where she cluctch Frodo on her horse in the middle of the River and said to the creepy, astmathic Kings 'If you want him, come and claim him!' with that deep voice. I melt like an ice thrown in a fire.

2. Rosamund Pike in the 2005 movie 'Pride and Prejudice'

Adapted from the character Jane Bennet from Jane Austen's novel 'Pride and Prejudice'

Oh Rosamund Pike... You know, if you watch the movie, you will be happier seeing the scene where there is Jane Bennet rather than watching Lizzy Bennet. I mean, just look at her! She captured the suitable poise of Jane in the book and plus - SHE IS SUPER SUPER SUPER HOT! I know the picture did not really do her justice here but just googled her yourself... she was once a bond girl, but i dont care... she had been Jane, and i cant imagine Jane as anyone else but Pike's.

Oh, note that Moven Christie as Jane in 2008 ITV Series 'Lost in Austen' was quite good too, she is not pretty but she is GOOD.

1. Peta Wilson in the 2003 movie 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'

Adapted from the character Wilhelmina Harker from Bram Stoker's novel 'Dracula'

Okay, the character Mina Harker in the league movie was actually from the comic book with a lot of classic book's characters. But she was originally from the novel itself.

I am actually not big on vampires, what with the explosion of vampire-clan movies nowadays such as Twilight (which had destroyed all vampires for me) true blood, vampire diaries and so on and so on and so on... but one cant forget the count who started it all, Dracula... and of course little ol' Bram...

Anyway, Peta Wilson in that role in the movie... with her deep aloof voice and her sudden change into a vampire... and also her line when she was captured by one of the villains;

Villain: I guessed as much, that they would do anything to protect you...
Mina: See now that is your biggest mistake, thinking that I need them to protect me...

She said this in deep voice before she turned into a vampire and juiced the villain alive!!! That was, i think the best performance by Peta Wilson compared to all her Nikita episodes -COMBINED!

And another plus point... Peta's hotness...

Well, there... I didnt read much and i didnt watch much.,... over the time, I watched more formidable actress toppled others in the perfomance in adapting any characters from the Classics... I cant wait for the 2011 adaptation of 'Jane Eyre'... Mia Wasikowska indeed...


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  4. peta wilson is amazing
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