Monday, November 22, 2010

Feminism, yeah are you sure?

For the past few weeks, I have been surfing the internet and looking around and I always stumble upon blogs and blogs created by Americans who are actually Muslim haters... A funny thing about their debate in downgrading Muslim are always about Women; 1. Women have to wear headscarves, so it denies feminism. 2. Women have to cover up, so it denies feminism 3. Freedom is about you showing as much skin as you can Since Muslim women are supposed to cover up, so they think that our religion is Barbaric and old-fashioned.

Well, it got me into thinking, whether they - the Americans, Europeans - respect their women enough, or they are just humiliating them even more.

The term that I am going to use a lot in this post is brain-wash, the women in America and Europe are brainwashed into thinking the more u show your skin, the better off you are...

let us see some of the activities that the American/European women are involved in, to me, these activities are the ones that would downgrade women, but for them they call it feminism.

1. Miss World/ Miss Universe competition.

Once every year, all the people in the world would go gaga over this competition, they say that this promote peace and friendship (what the hell happened to sports?), they kept on saying that this is a scholarship program.

For most men, this is the time for them to objectify the women, come on, a group of hot women from all over the country are parading around on the stage in their skimpy bikinis, you think we would think about feminism and freedom and equality? Come on!!! It is just about the boobs people!

You know what these pageants remind me off? Just look at the pictures below;

For those who actually like these kinds of competition - better stop reading now

Contestants for Miss Universe competition, all beautifully lined to be judged

Contestants for a show dog competition at Westminster, London, all beautifully lined up to be judged

Similar? No? Come on, I know you are thinking it, for those of you who live by pageants, you have been warned not to read...

Come on, if this is not humiliating women, then what is? In the Pageants, they have slots like costume and talent slots so that these women will parade their costumes and showcase their talents... which is funny since in the show dogs competitions, they have these slots too...

Since most Muslim countries forbid women from entering these kinds of competition they are deemed to be backwards and anti-feminism. Even some of the Muslims think that they are so backwards since their dream of becoming the Miss Universe thing is forbidden...

Come on, get real, it is not a scholarship program, it is a space for men to express their hormones and women to flaunt their beauty.

Ironic isn't it? How cultures who deemed themselves to be supporting women rights are actually downgrading them, and we the little people of the world are stupid enough to buy that notion...

i mean COME ON!

2. Modeling

Twice every year, Tyra Banks would shout to young girls all around America; Wanna be on top?

and thus starts the viral plague that is America's Next Top Model that has, since it birth, infected every country in the whole wide world to have their own version of these competition including Malaysia - Malaysian Dreamgirls. (have never watched the Malaysian version...)

but the very-similar-to-beauty-pageants competition is not the case here, I want to talk about modeling as a job;

Muslims are actually forbidden from these kind of jobs, since flaunting your beauty is not right (which put me into guilt, since I like photography)

Also, another thing that makes modeling wrong in Islam is the amount of lying involved in it.

Again, even in Malaysia, when this topic is open up for a debate, they are many people who said that modeling is an honet job and we should be proud that we have very good Muslim supermodels who came from Malaysia like Nasha Aziz and more.

There was a youtube video a few months ago created by an American atheist who kept on downgrading Muslims just becuase they are not many Muslims supermodel in the world...

Well, come on, this is another job that actually is downgrading women - look at it closely;

A photshoot is very important, but according to supermodels, once a model is in the photoshoot, they are regarded as no better but a moving mannequin, if the director ask you to strip down, then you have to strip down, of course, the picture of your hoohaa is not going to be included in magazines, but all the crew have seen your huha anyway, the question I am asking is that - where is you morality and you dignity then?

A photoshoot also is a place where a lot of editing takes place, because the real YOU is not suppose to be in a picture, so they edit you up and the end photo will be included in the magazine and sold to millions of women who are insecure of their own beauty and they starts to spend all their money and their sanity to achieve the computer-perfected look.

Look at an example below, see how much editing is involved;

and the end picture will go around the world feeding on all girls' lack of confidence, and then starts a viral plague that is botox and extreme makeup.


Now, why dont we want to promote modeling? Because
1. It would give men space to objectify women,
2. It would feed on women insecurities
3. It would degrade the worker

But you know, since Americans dignity does not lie within the amount of skin they show, what do they care, but the question is; where is their dignity?

It is a very subjective debate, since they have managed to fade the line between what is good and what is bad...

To be continued someday...


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