Monday, April 1, 2013

February and March

So it has been a long time since I have updated this blog

There has been a lot that i want to update like

a) the fact that i cycled for more than 3 km that one time
b) the books that I read
c) a few lessons that was fun to carry out in class

however, i found myself not to have time.

5 weeks ago, on one friday night - I called a friend and told him that my life here in that school has reached to an all new low... the phone call was very depressing.

After that phone call, i took leave for a day - the resting time didnt help

however, i went to JB for one weekend to remind myself that my life is actually bigger than the school

it worked - i went back to work determined not be affected by gossips and rumors.

I tried to do all the responsibilities that i was given, and i was given a lot

under the pretext that a new teacher cannot bargain, I was quiet, and did the best that i can.

i was given the task of
1. Training and managing the hockey (male and female) for 2 major competitions
2. Managing the cricket team
3. Managing the cricket club
 (this is a science school, all these are as active as an epilepsy attack)
4. Training the Drama team
5. Training the debate team
6. Training the International Symposium team
 (again, a science school, all very, very active)
on top of
7. 25 periods of classes (2 form 5 classes)
8. An extremely active english club
9. a 24 hours warden duty

you might say that I'm complaining here, and i did complaint, I went and see my PK KOKO, the pengetua, the PK1 and told them i had too much. they say that they have not enough teachers, and i have to endure all that until new teachers came

and my prayers was answered, 9 new teachers reported

2 of them knows hockey, I asked the two of them to help

and the senior teachers decided to say that i was trying to exert my seniority by pushing my responsibilities to the new teachers.

I asked them for help, i didnt give them the driver's seat

so the plethora of gossips begin

they who once had been my friends turned and stabbed me in the back

they reported the big boss men all their slanted opinions about me

they started to scrutinise every single responsibilities that i had and concluded that I couldn't do things well

I was shunned

the new teachers, now knowing full well of reputation treated me with disrespect - not even as a collegue

I started to falter and they pounced on me

on top of everything my form 5 students decided to be difficult

and to teach those arrogant bastards a lesson, i didnt enter their class

the senior teachers decided to pounce on that too

and them came the panel meeting- where i became the scapegoat for the big boss men decided to announce that English panel is the most problematic panel (despite the fact that our pointers were the best and our club is the most productive)

one teacher decided to say that I mess everything up

i will never forgive her

this was two weeks ago

and now here i am, back in this hole

i took another leave today, hence my time to blog

i write her to vent, i know i can rise above all these, i've faced worst

now i know that in school, i am surrounded by foul mouthed backstabbers..

one day I am going to stab everyone - from the front.


  1. god,n i thought i hate my job. let's keep writing this kind of posts to motivate each other, aye? stay strong azhar. sometimes you just have to go 'f*ck this shit' when shitty things happens.

  2. Yeah, let's... thank you for the advice...

  3. it happens everywhere azhar..i went through it just once that i started to lose my respect towards the teachers.whenever i see that particular group of teachers gathered somewhere in staff room, i know someone has been a scapegoat.