Monday, May 4, 2009

The Amount of Love

We are all busy with life. Sometimes even when we are doing nothing, our mind will think about politics, sex, money, gossips. We all have problems, like 'I got B- for my Reading Class', or 'I have run out of money'. But, sometimes, let us stop - stop thinking, stop doing anything, rest for a while, and close our eyes. Without you thinking, the most important picture comes into your mind - pictures of people you love. I am going to be way so sentimental here. I watched a video on YouTube. It is about a letter from a father named Matt to his son Eliot. You see, when Eliot was still in his mother's womb, the doctor said that he wouldn't last long. So the parents decided to record everything, every bits of his life. Everyday, they celebrated his birthday, and they kept saying that they were proud Eliot can get through the days. Eliot needs to be taken care and observe 24/7. His parents made shifts to take care of them. Eliot lived for only 99 days. The parents let go of 99 balloons on his funeral - to symbolise all the days that Eliot had lived. It made me think - how much can a person loved someone? When you think about the people you love, despite their really bad personalities, they are still family, you cannot help but to love them. My nieces came into my life nearly 2 years ago, honestly I was overwhelmed of how much love i felt for the both of them. One of my niece came that day with a sore throat, she could not even speak. I felt really guilty that earlier that week I'd hit her with my own hands because she smacked my computer. I know that hitting her doesn't contribute to the sore throat. But god - what is my lap top compared to my niece? Sometimes I think my problems are big enough for me to keep sighing all day. But i think the only problem in the world that can allow you to be depressed is the amount of love to your family. My niece, is an adopted baby. I can't say how, but I think somehow she knows that her real mother had given her up for adoption. She is really insecure of the way other people treats her. You can see it in her eyes, her face, whenever her cousin got something. She would stop and look, and then continue doing whatever she's doing.

© Picture by AzharKhan
Rasyidah Bashirah Rashidi
Even my heart cannot comprehend the amount of love that I have for her

The Jewish occupation on Palestine, and the thing that they do the Palestinians is unforgivable. I cannot understand how they can have a heart to kill people, those poor kids. I saw a picture once, a group of people tried to pull a girl out from rubbles - she was already dead. Can you imagine how she felt before she died? She must be cared out of her wits, hearing the sounds of explosions, gunshots. Can you imagine how she felt? And if you were there, and you know her, can you imagine your helplessness? And if the little girl asked for your help, can you imagine of what is going to be your answer to her.

My other niece, she had this things with lorries and the sound of their drumming engine. One time, she as at the kitchen, playing with her mother, suddenly came a lorry, moving behind my house. My niece screamed on top of he lungs, and run as fast as she could, she jumped on to of me, and took my hands. She was asking me to protect her from the lorry. Sure,i can protect her from the Lorry, since the Lorry dis not intend to do anything else but to take out the garbage. But what if, what if there was an explosion, and her life was at stake... what could I do to protect her? I could see the fright in her face that day but can i protect her from everything?

© Picture by AzharKhan
Afifah Nuwairah bte Muhammad Zaheer Khan
Even my heart cannot comprehend the amount of love that I have for her

This is my biggest problems in life, that I do not have the strength and patience to love them. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of love that I have for them.


  1. hmm.. I'm not the one to talk about love because I live on the very extremes (either absolute hatred or obsession)however I'd like to comment on the Palestine thingy.

    the whole world revolves only around perception. If you perceive something in a way, then it is the only way for you. The only reason why it is happening, is simply because they are convinced that they are not in the wrong side.

    its almost like "looking for a rain god", how could a father sacrificed his own daughter? One, is he is desperate, two is that the people around him are convinced that it is the right thing to do. Perception is your world, that's why there is no such thing as "good" and "bad", its only a matter of perception.

    although, what is happening in Palestine is definite against global-social-moral but its happening because of a clash of perception.

    IMO that is.

    I hope it ends soon, its been going to for too long already.

  2. it is not because of clash of perception...

    you know it is a hate crime...

  3. I'm just saying why is it still happening. The people who does it do not belief that they are wrong, isn't that perception? If both side perceive things the same way (the killing of the opposing race is bad and all human are equal and the same) it would not continue this long.

    Hate is another topic altogether. Hate is only temporary and can never spread throughout a nation for years and years. Hate, is feeling and that is fleeting. but Ideology and perception is knowledge, and this can last forever.

    I'm not pointing fingers at anything, this is as neutral as I want to be in my post.

    Do I support them? No.
    Do I hate them? My hatred is more towards the incompetency of the UN and other arabic countries rather than solely on the mentioned place.

  4. ok ok... i understand now... i have this tendency to shot at something before i read it carefully..

    excuse me for that... u know me kei... hehe

  5. Hrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
    That is SOOOOO you dude!:-)
    I know u really love your nieces dude..That is good but we cant always protect them 24/7..The best thing u can do love them 24/7,show it to them n pray 24/7 for their safety n nay God bless them..Hey that story about a boy who lived for 99days should be publish either in novel or movie..Wut did the father said to his son in the letter?U didnt tell us about it..N for the palestine issue do you agree if I said long way back in 1939-1945 we in the real state of mind should give full support to Holocaust?If all the jewish died during the Holocaust something like today wont happen aite?But what will become of us?We will be the same like them..So what we should do?

    p/S:Who is this kei-1?

  6. Sure2 no problem, I just don't want to be misunderstood that's all.

  7. easy! have your own babies lol. but not now of course! after you graduate and tie the knot :)